Case Studies

Waste / Recycling

Christchurch Compost Facility

Issue: Odour

Solutions: Spraystream Cannon

Product Used: SS20 Platform and Generator

Composting is a delicate business, and despite best operational efforts odours can and do occur. A fixed line system had already been installed around the site periphery, however further control was required to target the source of the odours. biOx’s SS20 Platform Unit was recommended as an effective solution. The SS20 Platform Unit is optimised for odour control thanks to the high pressure and low volume required to run the unit, making it a cost-effective solution to troublesome odours. The platform comes with an extendable telescopic tower allowing the cannon to be raised on site, which provides further throw and wider odour neutralising potential. The result was an improvement in site odour levels and a pro-active and appreciated effort by stakeholders.


Auckland Industrial Waste Sorting Facility

Issue: Dust

Solutions: Fixed Line

Product Used: Multi Zone (4) Fogging System

An Industrial waste sorting facility recently opened in Central Auckland required a biOx fogging system to optimise the site operations and keep neighbours and local Council onside from day one. biOx was brought on-board to provide a fixed line fogging system to control the excessive dust expected from the facility. Despite the tight timeframes this project was installed and commissioned on time and before any waste was received onsite.

Demolition/ Construction Sites

Invercargill Demolition Project

Issue: Dust – Asbestos

Solutions: Spray Stream Cannon

Product Used: SS20MP Platform and Generator

Asbestos needs to be removed from buildings very carefully, so when our client decided to demolish a fire-damaged house that had asbestos materials present, biOx was happy to help. The trailer-mounted SS20 Platform and Generator Unit was shipped to the Invercargill demolition site from Christchurch and effectively minimised the spread of asbestos contaminated dust. The units are unique and target airborne dust, providing a safer working operation for staff, neighbours and other stakeholders. The result was a job well done and future hires on the cards – despite the distance travelled. The unitsare unique and target airborne dust providing a safer working operation for staff, neighbours andother stakeholders.

Auckland City Construction Project

Issue: Dust

Solutions: Spray Stream Cannon

Product Used: SS41 Trailer Unit

biOx was asked to provide a large site-wide dust solution for a highly- visible Auckland construction site. Initially intended to be for a short term hire, the SS41 Trailer Unit was used for over three months during summer 2016. The ability to reduce the volume of the cannon by 50% while achieving smaller droplets for airborne dust suppression separated the Spray stream unit from competitors’. It quickly became evident that the SS41 was the most efficient power and water option available on the New Zealand market.

Bulk Handling

Christchurch Fertiliser Reception Facility

Issue: Dust – Fertiliser

Solutions: Spraystream Cannon and Fixed Line

Product Used: SS20HP Platform and Doorway System

Due to the exposed nature of the fertilizer drop-off point, the Spraystream SS20HP Cannon was recommended as an option for capturing wayward dust. A hire unit was shipped from Auckland for an initial trial, where the height and location of the cannon was tested. We discovered that a raised cannon, pointing down towards the back of the truck was the most effective, and a platform set-up was ultimately purchased. The flexibility of having a trailer-mounted system meant the client could place the unit in the correct location depending on wind direction and product received. Recently, a doorway fogging system has also been purchased and installed to capture dust inside the fertiliser bunkers.

Stevedores, Ports of Auckland

Issue: PKE, Gypsum Sand, Metal Slag

Solutions: Spraystream Cannon

Product Used: SS71HP Cannon and Generator Skid

Sims Metals referred biOx to an Auckland Stevedore company looking for a dust solution for their highly sensitive port operation. Because the company handled products such as PKE, Gypsum Sand and Metal Slag over a large area, various cannon solution options were trialled onsite first. The company decided to purchase the largest high-pressure cannon solution, the SS71, built on a skid complete with 60kVa silenced diesel generator. The unit, capable of over 70 metres throw with variable water output, will arrive in November 2016, with other similar unit proposals at other ports around the country.