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We pride ourselves on being the leading provider of dust, odour and cooling control equipment for industrial projects and manufacturing sites in NSW and VIC, with agents in QLD and WA. Contact us too about our services and we’ll take it from there.

There are many reasons why you should use our services. Here are just a few:

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We’ve worked across a diverse range of industries and locations for over 20 years that include: Quarry & Mining, Demolition, Construction, Building Sites, Transfer Stations, Landfill Operations, Livestock, Events and Production Plants.

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The world-class Spraystream fogging cannons we supply are built to last and work exceptionally well in sitting down both dust and eliminate odour. The fibreglass cone prevents rust, whilst the design incorporates the highest quality componentry (Siemens, ABB, CAT, Grundfos). All available in Australia.

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The fan blade design and nozzle location in our cannons allow an even plume of mist to be projected.

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We target point sources of
dust to efficiently knock out dust.
This means biggest is not always better (25-50m standard throw range, largest
is a 150m throw).

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We provide training and support whether you purchase a system, or you hire one for medium or short-term use in Australia to ensure you get the most from your equipment investment.

Hire or Buy a Misting Cannon in Australia

We have a variety of highly effective, ultra-reliable fogging cannons available to buy or hire at a competitive price. Explore our range by hitting the button below, and then contact our team of experts with any questions you have.

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Fogging Cannons for Dust Suppression, Cooling & Odour Control

Contact biOx Environmental for all your fogging cannon or fixed line requirements across NSW and Victoria. The high quality Spraystream cannons we hire and sell harness the latest high pressure, low water volume technology and are used across a range of industries and events.


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Our Fogging Cannons in Action

Industrial Dust Control

Many of our customers use a fogging cannon in
an industrial or manufacturing setting. They clear
the air of harmful dust, eliminating H&S and Environmental risk as
they can be designed to add a slight dampening
of a site floor to avoid the re-suspension of dust.
The fogging cannons we sell and hire draw heat out of the air and can be used around sensitive products and electrical equipment.


The Spraystream Cannons are a perfect option for cooling down a crowd, and have been used at festivals in Australia and summer sports events, including the Australian Open. Plus, they are ideal in indoor premises such as a car workshops or light manufacturing facilities to keep staff cool.

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Using a fogging
cannon for odour control

A fogging cannon is an effective odour control method at locations such as landfill sites, compost and wastewater facilities, abattoirs, and meat works. Having supplied odour products for over 20 years and utilising High Pressure Low Volume fogging solutions, we minimise the ongoing cost of odour suppression while eliminating business risk.

New technology from Europe

Wall Mounted Cannons for internal or external use are available, or if you prefer the more conventional fixed line systems, we have world class systems designed to meet your need and budget, from “all on” single zone to multiple zone systems and SCADA linked operation.

If you’re looking at optimising odour control, speak to our team of specialists today by using the Contact form on this page. We look forward to helping you and providing you with the right solution for odour control at your work site.

Stop dust from spreading on roads & quarry sites with Dust King

We’re agents in Australia for Dust King, a special agent that can be applied to roadways that helps dust suppression through water sprays. This tried and tested product binds loose/fine dust particles and is used on roadways and at quarry sites. Savings of 50% in water usage can be achieved.

To learn more about how Dust King can improve dust suppression at your work site, simply get in touch using the form on this page and the biOx Environmental team will get right back to you.

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