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Bay Dreams Cooling 2020 1

Bay Dreams Cooling 2020

Bay Dreams was back and with it the Spraystream Cannons to keep party goers cool! For the past 5 years biOx have partnered with xBDx for adding to New Zealand’s premier music event of the year on the 1st and 2nd of January! biOx supplied a total of 7x 50m, 35m and 25m throw cannons, strategically placed around …

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Odour Control Fogging Cannon

Odour Control Landfill

Waste Management’s target for achieving KPI’s means zero odours at boundary. biOx were again called to assist in achieving this with our dedicated odour control solutions. The Spraystream high pressure low volume cannons allow efficient and cost effective dispersion of our Odour Neutraliser PLUS product which targets and oxidises odours before they move off site. The …

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Fire Damage Dirty Demolition 3

Fire Damage Dirty Demolition

More concern around demolition of property with asbestos and other nasty’s means increasing demand for the Spraystream Cannons for demolition. Rather than the old school garden hose which is inefficient, ineffective and takes a man out of operation doing a meaningless task, the Spraystream Cannons high pressure low volume cannons efficiently knock down dust, prevent run off …

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Creating a Cleaner, Safer Work Environment 6

Creating a Cleaner, Safer Work Environment

Christchurch Enviro Waste Transfer Station Creating a safe environment for staff and neighbours is essential if a company wants to be successful. When the company in question involves a certain level of interference in its staff’s day-to-day activities, not to mention close proximity to neighbouring residents and businesses, wanting to constantly improve on their already …

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