biOx Crowd Cooling – Misting Cannon Spray

biOx Environmental are the largest supplier of dedicated cooling equipment on both sides of the Tasman, Fomo Festival Mystery Creek, Bay Dreams, One Love, The Australian Open Tennis Australia.

Whether cooling in the mosh pit, over bars or entrances, our cooling systems are echoing essential tools in the health & safely of attendees, significantly reducing heat stress and potential aggressive behaviour.

This year biOx have been involved with A-List Events

Five spray cannons and three misting overhead systems are on the cards for Waitangi Weekend music festivals in New Zealand’s Sunny Bay Of Plenty.

biOx have partnered with Pato Entertainment and Audiology for the sixth consecutive year, where their patron’s Health & Safety is at the forefront of their event success.

No longer is a cooling seen as “a nice thing to have”, rather the misting cooling cannons are essential in ensuring the wellbeing of patrons.

Do You Need Cooling?

biOx Cooling Misting Solutions are perfect for all applications where heat stress can become an issue.

  • Crowds
  • Concerts
  • Marathons
  • Fun Runs
  • Triathlons
  • etc

They are also great for commercial operations where cooling with low water volume is required.

  • Poultry Farms
  • Abattoirs
  • Feed Lots
  • Stables
  • Free Range Farming
  • etc

The great advantage that the biOx Cooling Misting Solutions have is that they are very fine and with the high pressure, there is no mud or slippery surfaces created. The mist creates a fog that absorbs the suns energy without saturating every surface.

It is truly refreshing and pleasant for all involved.

Festival One Crowd Cooling Cannon
Festival One Crowd Cooling Setup
Delivering Crowd Cooling Mist Cannons
Delivering Crowd Cooling Mist Cannons

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New Zealand - Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch

Australia - Melbourne, Sydney, Perth

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