biOx Expands into Movie-Making at Port of Auckland

Ports of Auckland

How do we prove to businesses that our products are the best in the industry? It’s simple. We show them in action.

In early 2017, biOx worked with the Ports of Auckland’s Stevedore Wallace Investments to film the SS71HP cannon and generator. Towards the end of 2016 Stevedore Wallace Investments started utilising these products, and they graciously allowed biOx to film them in action as part of a global promotional video of our Spraystream units. A film team including drone camera recorded the products in situ, enabling us to show other interested companies how our products could help them deal with dust and odour suppression too.

While we were on location, we recorded an additional cannon that was in operation at the time too – the smaller SS25i self-supporting unit with telescopic tower. Since then, Wallace Investment has purchased two more SS25i Spraystream units to address additional operational requirements and to ensure they remain fully compliant with their own environmental and safety expectations.

Check out some raw footage here.

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