Creating a Cleaner, Safer Work Environment

Christchurch Enviro Waste Transfer Station

Creating a safe environment for staff and neighbours is essential if a company wants to be successful. When the company in question involves a certain level of interference in its staff’s day-to-day activities, not to mention close proximity to neighbouring residents and businesses, wanting to constantly improve on their already clean and safe work environment is a no-brainer.

At the end of April 2017, biOx installed a four-zone fixed line fogging system at Enviro Waste Christchurch’s Cass Street depot. The high-profile site is located right in the centre of Christchurch and accepts waste from all over the Canterbury region, where it is compacted and transported to landfill.

Despite Enviro Waste already using a dust suppression unit, the biOx team could prove that with our superior system, a cleaner, safer work environment could be created by utilising a high pressure fogging system. Our system incorporates the latest version of the Controller module with a user-friendly HMI interface, VSD and an integrated solenoid system that enables the user to set up parameters to prompt it to fog when and where required, either by remote control by cyclic timers. Because it’s so intuitive, flexible and simple to use, the system makes managing and supressing dust and odours easy and safe.

And despite it being early days, Enviro Waste Operational Manager Jacob Stapleton says the new system is already making a difference. When asked if he was happy with the system’s performance, he responded, “Yup, thus far we’re looking great!”

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