Leachate Evaporation

Water accumulation on site can be a problem, especially with all this wet weather Downunder. Tailings or Leachate containment is an ongoing issue, and the solution is either to make bigger containment bunds or pay to have it removed offsite…both are very expensive!

What if there was another way?

What if you could remove the bulk of the water, and instead concentrate up the contaminants – increasing the concentration of nasties, but not paying for water removal?

Well, there is. Introducing the Spraystream Leachate Evaporation Cannon.

Leachate is a term for water that has percolated through the ground and brought with it contaminants that you can’t simply flush down the drain.

With the correct consents, this can be applied to land. But if your pond is of sufficient size, evaporation of leachate can be achieved with the Spraystream units, pumping small droplets of leachate into the air, allowing the droplets to evaporate, and the waste to fall back onto the pond surface.

A combination of droplet size and wind velocity from the cannon fan combine to increase the rate of evaporation, making a noticeable difference to pond volumes, and your pocket.

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New Zealand - Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch

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