Firefighting Mist Cannon Kit

In recent times, we have all seen the horrendous bush fires create havoc across the East Coast of Australia and in New Zealand near Nelson on the South Island.

Every year lives have been put at risk or even lost. Countless damaged communities and millions upon millions of dollars damage.

On your worksite, a fire could be equally as harmful.

Perhaps this fire risk may stem from the nature of your business, perhaps staff negligence or simply bad luck, like the Sky City International Convention Centre (pictured below) in Auckland in October 2019.

Auckland Convention Centre
Auckland International Convention Center Fire October 2019

biOx Spraystream Cannons can be utilised to quash fires before they get out of control, and give you valuable time to save your business and workers in the unfortunate event of a fire onsite.

The Spraystream Cannon can be modified from its standard nozzle arrangement with the Firefighting Mist Cannon add-on kit, allowing a fire hose to feed the cannon a much higher volume of water. The fittings allow a standard fire hose to propel the water through the cannon with greater force.

Please ask for a Firefighting Mist Cannon extension kit with your dust suppression cannon. 

Contact biOx via our contact page for more information.

New Zealand - Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch

Australia - Melbourne, Sydney, Perth

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