BiOx’s Spraystream cannons offer fogging options with the added benefit of manoeuvrability. Our cannons incorporate fogging and misting nozzles in a stainless-steel ring at one end of a fibreglass cannon. At the other, a high-speed composite fan accelerates air though the cannon maximises air velocity with minimal noise. The outcome is a micron-sized water droplet plume that can carry some 20-75m in distance. The fibreglass cone prevents rust, and the design incorporates the highest quality internationally renowned componentry as standard (Siemens, ACC, Cat, Grundfos ).

biOx stocks various cannons to suit your requirements – please see below for more.

  • SS25i Platform Fogging Cannon

    The SS25i Platform Fogging Cannon option comes with a 5m telescopic retractable tower making this unit the most popular unit among our customers. Because the cannon can be raised, the unit can throw further and can fog or mist down onto an area – much...

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  • SS25iHP Cart Single

    This solution is ideal for larger industrial areas where a fog can evenly be distributed across a 25m radius from ground level. This high pressure low volume solution can be fixed to fog in one position, or target several areas by s...

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  • SS25iHP Trolley

    This trolley is ideal for drop-off areas where dust is continuously generated. Choose from truck or conveyor drop-off points.

    6.5LPM, 20-25m throw, fixed

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  • SS25iSS Self-Supporting Trailer

    The above unit includes the SS25i Platform, generator, 2500L water and triple trailer. The Self-Supporting unit is ideal where water or power supply is problematic, and allows you to provide dust, odour or cooling almost anywhere.

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  • SS50i, 60i, 70i, 80i, 100i

    If you’re looking for a larger unit for serious applications, these operate at a higher flow and lower pressure (20bar), creating a slightly heavier droplet. The units blow further (50-100m) and utilise up to 63LPM as standard,.

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  • SS50i, 60i, 70i, 80i, Self-Supporting Skid/Trailer

    These units come complete with the larger cannon, water tank and dedicated diesel acoustic generator. They can be built to almost any specification to suit your application.

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  • SS50iHP, 60iHP, 70iHP, 80iHP

    These high-pressure units feature a lower volume output due to the higher outlet pressure (80bar). Thanks to the lower volume water usage, these units are ideal for very fine airborne dust and odour applications. Producing a slightl...

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