Christchurch Compost Facility Odour Control

Waste / Recycling Odour Elimination Solution

Issue: Odour Control

Solutions: Spraystream Fogging Cannon

Used: SS20 Platform Odour Control Fogging Cannon and Generator

Composting is a delicate business, and despite best operational efforts odours can and do occur. A fixed line odour control fogging system had already been installed around the site periphery, however further control was required to target the source of the odours.

The biOx SS20 Platform Unit was recommended as an effective solution.

The SS20 Platform Unit is optimised for odour control thanks to the high pressure and low volume required to run the unit, making it a cost-effective fog cannon solution to control troublesome odours.

The platform comes with an extendable telescopic tower allowing the fogging cannon to be raised on site, which provides further throw and wider odour neutralising potential.

The result was an improvement in site odour control levels and a pro-active and appreciated effort by stakeholders.

Odour Control Fixed Line Fogging Solution Christchurch Composting, New Zealand
Fixed Line Odour Control Fogging System.
biOx SS25i Platform Fogging Cannon
biOx SS25i Platform Fogging Cannon

Check Out the biOx SS20 Fogging Cannon in Action

SS20 Eliminating Odours at WWTP

biOx Spraystream Fogging Cannon SS20 Cart

Crowd Cooling SS20 High Pressure Misting Cannon

New Zealand - Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch

Australia - Melbourne, Sydney, Perth

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