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biOx has arguably the best, and longest used odour control product on the market. Importantly, elimination, not masking of an odour is the aim. Whereas masking a smell is what a number of companies offer, we aim to eliminate the problem… for masking means that beyond the boundary, often the fragrance has been dissipated, and the original smell remains.

Odour Neutraliser PLUS

Is an effective odour eliminator, known to eliminate organic and H2S odours.

Used extensively in the waste industry, our 1% stabilised chlorine dioxide product effectively oxidises odour molecules, leaving a fresh oxidised smell some have described as that after an electrical lightning storm has passed.

Our active ingredient is combined with an activator and detergent to optimise the performance of the product. Refinement over the past 23 years, this product has proved effective, so much so that even our competition has tried to copy it – without luck!

This product can be applied at 500 times dilution, and combined without odour control equipment is a cost-effective way to apply the product, and knock out odours before they cause offence – and the Council comes knocking.

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Is a lower concentrated version of our Odour Neutraliser PLUS product, that allows clients to dose directly to their system via a chemical pump or venturi pump.

This product was developed for clients who are familiar with products that achieve 200-250 times dilution and are looking for an alternative elimination product.

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Imported from the USA biOx has the distributorship arrangement for NZ and Australia.

Elimination, with a slight fragrance, this product is effective on all forms of odours, including Ammonia odour which cannot be eliminated through oxidation.

This is particularly useful in abattoirs, or waste containing ammonia which is unsafe, smelly and dangerous for people and animals.

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Floral Fragrance

Is an option for those more comfortable with masking agents.

Not just any fragrance though, our product is effective in very small doses, and with our formulation can be applied in dilutions of over 1000 to one.

Clients do use this in conjunction at times with our Odour Neutraliser PLUS product as a marker, to ensure the fog is reaching the far end of some larger sites.

Used on its own or with another elimination product, Floral fragrance is a winner!

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biOx knows odour control well. We’d be pleased to have a confidential discussion about our systems and products and how we can help before the Council do.

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