biOx’s Fixed Line systems utilise high-pressure low-volume nozzles to provide superior fogging solutions. The nozzles produce a fog that emits approximately 3m from the nozzle unassisted, and can be situated at the source of dust or odours or remotely (overhead or around a periphery) to provide a cleaner working environment.

biOx stock various Fixed Line solutions to suit your requirements – please see below for more.

  • Multizone Fogging System

    The multizone Fixed Line fogging system incorporates elements of our other systems, but allows users to control various areas by one pump and controller. The motor ramps up and down depending on how many areas or zones are operation

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  • Overhead Fogging System

    The Fixed Line system can be situated overhead where there is sufficient head height. The fog output can be varied, allowing you to achieve the level of fog generation to suit your application. The Fixed Line system can be operated

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  • Point Source Dust/Odour Suppression

    The Fixed Line system can be fitted to fixed plant, such as a hopper, for dust and odour suppression close to the source. The output of the system is designed to match the amount of dust produced.

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New Zealand - Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch

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