biOx’s Jet-Zone system incorporates dust suppression in the high impact area of a crusher or shredder. The same system can be utilised to provide dust suppression to a mobile plant.

biOx stocks various Jet-Zone solutions to suit your requirements – please see below for more.

  • Demolition Tool | Demolition Dust Control

    The demolition tool unit allows our clients to fog or mist at the end of a boom, moving the dust suppression to where the dust is being moved to. Particularly useful for demolition, the unit can be used for a variety of applications...

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  • Grapple Option

    The grapple unit allows users to fog or mist at the end of a grapple, moving the dust suppression to where the grapple is generating the dust. Check out the video, and contact the friendly biOx team to discuss your specific applicat...

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  • Shredder/Crusher

    Crushing and shredding rock, timber or metal is a dusty operation. This Jet-Zone shredder/crusher solution harnesses the high-pressure fogging principle to produce millions of micron-sized droplets, eliminating even the smallest dus...

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New Zealand - Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch

Australia - Melbourne, Sydney, Perth

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