Stadium Turf Care

Sporting Turf Care in the Netherlands (Video Above)

Creating the optimal atmosphere when the elements are against you is hard when it comes to turf care.

When it is dry and hot, simply irrigating the surface with a traditional sprinkler system can create harm and undue stress to your turf, which in turn creates a flow-on effect that you are required to manage.

As shown above, the Spraystream Misting Cannons are perfect for creating an optimal environment for your pitch to thrive without huge water use and saturation, or the fear of extra damage caused by the direct sun & heat stress.

Because the Spraystream Misting Cannon produces a fine mist, it not only provides moisture to the foliage but also cooling and an increase in relative humidity, to give protection and sustenance even when there is minimal rainfall and very dry conditions. 

For New Zealand and the southern states of Australia, this is predominantly the summer months but in the northern states and central Australia, this could be an all-year-round requirement. 

Other applications in a sporting stadium for a biOx misting cannon could be to add fertiliser or pesticides to the pitch, and even turning it to the stands and applying disinfection and sanitisation to the crowd seating etc. 

 A Misting Cannon is a very versatile piece of equipment in a groundsman’s arsenal – contact one of the biOx Team today for more information.

biOx SS50i Fogging Cannon
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biox Fogging Cannon Sport Ground Care
ss50i in use in sporting area's in Europe

New Zealand - Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch

Australia - Melbourne, Sydney, Perth

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