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Waste Management Dunedin Landfill

Part of life is waste. It’s just the way it is. But how we manage our waste is integral to the ongoing clean and green nature of New Zealand.

biOx is proud of our outstanding relationship with Waste Management, one of the largest and successful waste management companies in the country. Already we partner with many Waste Management sites, and we’re excited to add Waste Management Dunedin Landfill’s needs to our repertoire.

Recently Waste Management’s National Landfill Manager asked biOx to supply the Dunedin site with a new Spraystream SS50i self-supporting unit designed specifically for odour suppression, to combat odours generated by the waste it processes, to meet key performance obligations within its contract with Dunedin Council.

biOx specified three possible solutions with varying throw distances. In the end Waste Management purchased the largest unit, the third of which they have purchased nationally. The SS50i self-supporting unit adds further benefit to the site by throwing a fine mist laced with our low-dose odour neutraliser to eliminate odours hanging in the air. The self-supporting cannon can throw a fine mist 50 metres from the cannon, and the low-water volume and high-pressure nozzles means that it can offer five hours of autonomous operation. When you consider its 2000-litre water tank and diesel acoustic generator too, this is a ‘set and forget’ solution which enables you to utilise your manpower elsewhere.

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